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Grow - In app

Grow - In App

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Grow - from Acorns provides an educational resource for Acorns users to reach their financial goals. We focused on providing a great reading and discovery experience on a mobile device, with the content on

Having built the original website for Grow, I took that knowledge and experience and lead Product Design on this project. I worked on the UX, wireframes, initial concepts, user-testing, and all the way to final designs; working with development on implementation on both iOS and Android. Our team created the first in-app financial educational resource, which became an awesome product for our users in which I am extremely proud of. 

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Home Page UX

We went through many iterations to uncover the ideal interactions and layouts that our users would explore and discover content within the app. Everything from curated content cards with full screen imagery, to an App-Store like experience with large featured articles, and categories beneath.

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Article UX

After performing UX research on how people read on mobile devices, we decided on serving up content in digestible small chunks. This was to allow the user to quickly go through the content, and without them getting fatigued from a overwhelming amount of text on one page.

We proposed 2 ways of interacting with the content; a side scrolling or a vertical scrolling interaction. We did internal user testing with a subset of users to see how they preferred to read and interact with content. The vertical scrolling interaction felt familiar and easier to consume content to a majority of those who tested the simple prototype. 

Grow Home.png

Final Home Page Design

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Final Article Design

The final Grow home page design has beautiful featured articles at the header, and trending section with relevant content to the user, and topics about investing and Acorns below. We found that having great visuals to represent the content helped click-through rate of articles, and played heavily in this design.

The final article designs featured full screen imagery, bite-sized content easily readable, and splitting up the article with graphics like pull-quotes and Q&A's. We found with user-testing that this helped the user feel less fatigued or overwhelmed with the amount of content, and helped increase read time. 

Grow Shot.png

Key points I took away from this project:

- Users have a hard time of staying focused when reading long form text on small mobile devices. Making your content short, concise, and visually breaking up the article helps with engagement. 
- Studying other proven products like the App Store, helped with creating a rich exploration experience for users.
- Creating multiple quick low-res prototypes helped narrow down the article interactions when user testing.