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As an intern at Acorns, I had the opportunity to be the lead designer on our newest education product; Grow. We sought to create an educational resource to continue our push for financial wellness for all. This project was the first real web project that I took from start to finish; working on the UX, wireframes, initial concepts, working with key stakeholders, PM's, working with developers on implementation, and finally updates to the live product. 

For this project, I designed the entire site, created the branding and logotype, designed email templates, social media posts, as well as marketing ads.

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Key points I took away from this project:

- Think through the break points and mobile versions of the web site from the beginning; it will be difficult changing up design/layout later down the road.
- Not everything you design will end up 100% to your original designs when developed; and that's ok. Work with developers to figure out solutions to these problems.
- Work smarter with less iterations; be more efficient with your time.