Tesla Interface Redesign

Tesla Interface Redesign

Tesla Interface.png

For my senior project at CSULB, I redesigned the interfaces and experiences on Tesla vehicles and the Tesla mobile app. My goals were to: design with usability and accessibility requirements in mind, make interactions more intuitive and efficient while driving, design an autonomous driving experience, and create a continuous experience from the owner's phone to when entering the vehicle.

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Self Drive Mode

The Self Drive mode is the default driving mode in Tesla vehicles. This mode will provide passengers and drivers the most important information and updates needed when driving. Certain features will be limited when in this driving mode.


Tesla Mobile App

The Tesla Mobile App allows Tesla owners to stay updated with their vehicle’s information, customize user preferences, and set destinations directly form their phone. The Tesla Mobile App creates a more continuous experience for owners.

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Autonomous Drive Mode

The Autonomous Drive mode allows passengers to enter their desired destination, and the Tesla will drive the passengers there without any input. The Autonomous Drive mode unlocks many special feautres and capabilities for the interface.



Key points I took away from this project:

- Users should be focusing on driving, not your flashy interface; so make everything simple, efficient and legible. 
- If we are going to be designing interfaces for autonomous vehicles in the future, it is vital to focus on accessibility for all drivers/passengers.
- I really enjoyed working on a non-mobile/web interface. Designing for larger/different shaped screens is a great challenge!